[$200/day] Shopify Aliexpress Drop shipping journey!

Written by  on September 9, 2017 

I've been checking out these forums for 2 years. I'm finally implementing everything I have learned into a Shopify dropshipping website.

How Am I Going To Reach My Goal?

  • Paying for instagram shoutouts that will hopefully get me sales and also help my business instagram gain followers.
  • Fb ads
  • Manually answering question in my niches multiple forums.
  • Seo

I will be posting daily on my profits/losses. Website is finished and I'm…

[$200/day] Shopify Aliexpress Drop shipping journey! ^(http://punekar.net/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/200-day-shopify-aliexpress-drop-shipping-journey.966919/)

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